Nett-Work Family Counseling
About Us
Nett-Work Family Counseling, LLC is a private, sole proprietor, clinic established in 1998 by Christine Nett, LCSW.

Mission Statement

To commit to providing genuine, and highly skilled, professional counseling for all those who seek help at Nett-Work Family Counseling, LLC.


Christine Nett, LCSW

Audrey Aardappel, LCSW

Wendy Hutterer, LPC

Amy Culver, LCSW

Christine Jenkins, MA, LPC

Ka Lee, MA, LPC

Alex Liosatos, LPC

Cassandra Loehndorf, LPC-IT

Darlene  J. Mech, PhD

Thomas J. Pritzl, LCSW, CSAC

Justin Strahl, MS, LPC, SAC

Debra VanderWeele, LPC

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