Nett-Work Family Counseling
About Us
Nett-Work Family Counseling, LLC is a private, sole proprietor, clinic established in 1998 by Christine Nett, LCSW.

Mission Statement

To commit to providing genuine, and highly skilled, professional counseling for all those who seek help at Nett-Work Family Counseling, LLC.


Christine Nett, LCSW

Audrey Aardappel, LCSW

Wendy Hutterer, LPC

Christine Jenkins, MA, LPC

Ka Lee, MA, LPC

Alex Liosatos, LPC

Cassandra Loehndorf, LPC

Darlene  J. Mech, PhD

Thomas J. Pritzl, LCSW, CSAC

Justin Strahl, MS, LPC, SAC

Debra VanderWeele, LPC

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